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CinéDigital Network

CinéDigital Network

Centralised Management of Multiple Cinemas

Centralised Management of Playlists

Centralised Management of Content

Centralised Management of KDM

Centralised Management of SMPTE Logs

Centralised Management of Digital Signage

Centralised Equipment Monitoring

Asset management

Manage your cinemas, screens and service contracts

Store and find technical details (IP adresses, server and projector technical information, etc.) easily

Remote Connection Support Tools

Use powerful CDN tools to access equipment

Limit remote access to service contract cinemas only


Problem history

Ticket creation wizard
Direct access to support tools


Automatic monitoring of equipment

Equipment monitoring view
Equipment email alerts
Alerts history view

Automatic equipment updates

Select pre-configured packages and equipment to upgrade

Upgrade and version compatibility automatic checks
Track equipment updates and actions to eventually be taken


Create custom reports on tickets, theaters, screens, service contracts, equipment, etc.


Trouble tickets statistics per type, status, etc.

Smartphone access

Smartphone access for theater managers with real-time supervision.

Available on iPhone and Android